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International Medical Consulting «Kliniken Koeln»

Modern Medicine is a complex system with complicated organizational structure, especially when considered by non-professional community and patients, whose goal is to find effective medical help, establish transparent relations with the clinic and gain understanding of all treatment aspects.

International Medical Consulting «Kliniken Koeln» offers diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation programs and various services in leading German hospitals. Our staff provide patients with comprehensive information about medical institutions and qualification of their specialists, and about most effective treatment methods for unlimited range of diseases. International Medical Consulting «Kliniken Koeln» also offers all treatment-related services, including visa support, interpreter services, translation of medical records, ticket and hotel reservation, transfer and help with any personal or organizational issues.

In the early years «International Medical Consulting «Kliniken Koeln» worked in close cooperation with two well-known clinics in Cologne, and that was the reason to name the company in such way. Having proved itself as a reliable partner for medical institutions, and as a responsible assistant for foreign patients, International Medical Consulting «Kliniken Koeln» significantly expanded and continues to develop business relations with leading German clinics.

Currently, International Medical Consulting «Kliniken Koeln» has an extensive network of offices in numerous German cities with its head office in Bonn.

In addition to our basic work, our experts have developed a unique portal bookinghealth.com, an informative and user-friendly website that provides a convenient, economical and efficient way to search and book medical services in health institutions around the world. The portal allows independent selection of proposals, by-side comparison of institutions in different countries with the possibility of online reservation of recreational or medical programs.

Bookinghealth.com is focused on following tasks:

  1. Reduce request processing time
  2. Significantly reduce the cost of treatment
  3. Offer a wide range of medical institutions with independent, comprehensive description of each clinic and specialist
  4. Provide the option of booking medical programs in countries with best clinical medicine: Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Austria, etc.
  5. Offer a full package of health-related and organizational services, including treatment, ticket and hotel reservation, and help with all kinds of personal issues.
  6. Provide the user with clear financial documents and original bills of medical institutions.

We are working to develop and deploy innovative technologies that can radically improve the Health Care system structure in order to make treatment abroad simple to understand, easy to organize and as affordable as possible.

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